Saturday, February 9, 2008


At the close of work, I decided I wasn't going to remain lost in cyberspace anymore- I had to find myself, Jeez! Now I agree with the school of thought which pose the internet as an international 'distracter'. God! Two months and I can't account for spent!
My boss wasn't in but of course things didn't go amiss; Friday round-table held as usual but lasted longer than expected-to my annoyance. After it got too dark to leave, i worked my 'Yams' up and down the stairs while the lawyers worked up their 'graey' matters.
Three hours later, a brew of sounds indicated conclusion of the roundtable. Enibabs was on the wheels before her chair even realized she had got up, the ever radiant smile on T2's face was aglow, Kufa- whose voice towered above the rest as usual defeated the eerie silence that had begun enveloping the space. Visions of my house-my room- became tangible 'but talk they must talk'-antenna picked up trails of a half-answered question by Jenifa and Tallest was helping out. I quickly joined in a bid to get Tallest out of it and on to our journey home.

We caught our 'executive danfo' (company bus cum danfo by night) all the way to our bus stops. Home at last! Starting from the door i swung my feet and shot my shoes down the aisle, flung my bag into a basket by the door- on a second thought I picked it up to be later dumped on the bed, threw the loaf of Shoprite bread unto the kitchen counter, opened the louvers and flicked the switches, turned on the TV and finally opened the freezer ...I use the frost level to determine how long NEPA's been nice!
I finally settled to a meal of toast and eggs hugging my coffee mug opposite a DVD show of 'Desperate Housewives' at 12.47am. Hopefully, no midnight calls...