Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Smile at her,
she thinks you are after something
Frown at her,
she says you are rude
Have her alone,
she thinks no one can have you
Combine her,
she says you are a playboy
Take her gift,
she says you are a gold digger
Reject them,
she says you are proud
Talk of love,
she says you are after something
Talk off romance,
she says you are a sineer
Be calm about it,
she says you are a slaker
Hold her on first date,
she says youy are too forward
Take some time,
she says you are too weak
Makwe love always,
she says that is the only thing you want
Dont do it always,
she says you aren't man enough
Buy her gifts pr pay for her services,
she says you call her a prostitute
Dont give her ,
she says you dont care
Try tio correct,
she thinks you want a permanent relationshi[p
Dont correct her,
she's too loose
So,....what do women reaaally want?

Thursday, January 15, 2009

. . . Little bits and pieces make a dump...

A sweet wrapper, pure water satchet/ bag, an empty plastic bottle, a banana peel, ice-cream/ yoghurt packs, nylon bags, stale food, littledisposal bags consciously dropped at the centre of two-way road awaiting a selfless official from the Lagos State Waste Management Authority(LAWMA), etc- and then the icing on the cake comes in the forms of chickens and a rabid dog rumaging through the 'bounty'- all in a large high heap! You dont want to know the content of
the next heap just a few blocks up the street. This is the view from a lot of windows in Lagos-
Who is guilty? Who droppd these?

Open toilets spreading its putrifying stench, blocked drainage pipes, gutter-cum-waste disposal units, bubbling spyrogira-filled puddles from open drainages, filled and over-flowing bins and waste disposal units, obese street rats who neither fear man nor foe but stand boldy before you staring you in the eye even as you approach them, naked wires, pools of corrosive urine in the street corners and beside long time packed up vehicles especially in motor parks slowly corroding the tires. Infected sores, mosquito infestations and infections, poor ventilation, etc..all in the same neighborhood. How could this be? No wonder the houses are cheap and they say we live in the slums. Whose fault is this/what the government doing?

In the need to blame soemone,we blame the government but whose fault is it really?

If you have ever dropped a sweet wrapper on the street;

If you have ever stopped to wee in the gutter, on the street, by a wall, on the tire of a parked vehicle;

If you have ever refused to dispose of your waste properly;

If you have never taken part in environmental sanitation;

If you have ever thrown something in a gutter;

If your restaurant/bucker/kiosk/shed/telephone boot is by an open gutter;

Then the fault is yours- not the government or God. For every sweet/ biscuit wrapper, puere water pack, empty bottle, polythene, scratched recharge cards, gala meat packs, orange and banana peel etc, in the street is an invitation to someone else to add to the pile.

Start immediately by putting the sweet wrapper in your pockets or held back in your grip to be thrown in at the next proper waste disposal that comes your way. Who says naija can not be as clean and good as the cities we see in the tube. . . ?!

If Obama says we can. . . then...YES WE CAN MAKE NAIJA ESPECIALLY LAGOS CLEAN!