Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Smile at her,
she thinks you are after something
Frown at her,
she says you are rude
Have her alone,
she thinks no one can have you
Combine her,
she says you are a playboy
Take her gift,
she says you are a gold digger
Reject them,
she says you are proud
Talk of love,
she says you are after something
Talk off romance,
she says you are a sineer
Be calm about it,
she says you are a slaker
Hold her on first date,
she says youy are too forward
Take some time,
she says you are too weak
Makwe love always,
she says that is the only thing you want
Dont do it always,
she says you aren't man enough
Buy her gifts pr pay for her services,
she says you call her a prostitute
Dont give her ,
she says you dont care
Try tio correct,
she thinks you want a permanent relationshi[p
Dont correct her,
she's too loose
So,....what do women reaaally want?


Afronuts said...

Hmm...shouldnt this poem have been written by a man?

On the real tho...women usually dont know what they want...at a certain age.

Bunmmy said...

We all get confused sometimes that does not mean we don't know what we want deep down..