Monday, October 6, 2008


I'll keep talking and sounding my horn against the present scourge that has taken over the young female populace and the society - who is the master conveyor of this problem. I keep getting questions as "when do you intend getting married", "what'll be the colour of your 'aso-ebi"and "when are the bells gona ring?" instead of "What creative ideas do you have mapped out as a graduate" or "Have you started work?" All of a sudden, sistas have lost it, none of us seem to have dreams and ambitions anymore.

As a graduate from the uni., i've been opportuned to meet and interact with sistas whose attitudes towards life after their university degree is lackadaisical. To think that i'll successfully go through the storms and hurdles involved in getting a degree in Nigeria and not fight back by having a staggering punch-back?...No way! Back in the days as a secondary school girl, the female university students were very industrious..They always had a calculated infomation to give their folks and their minds were busy as a factory. Discussions revolved on what they wanted to be and issues concerning the society.
Unfortunately, this isn't the case anymore. That generation of gutsy women have since grown up, achieved their dreams, got married and had kids who in turn have grown into the present generation of lilly-livered, no-job-seeking, no-potential-building, single-ambitioned ladies which is to get married! Now don't get me wrong. . . there still are ladies out there who are still driven by determination, make something out of nothing and whose brains still work round the clock like factories; however, the percentage of these few is very small compared to that of the single ambitioned sistas- this is the crux of my concern.

Shortly before university, i had ideas of what i wanted out of life; i had creative ideas and a heaven-high list of sure opportunities and choices. During the first half of my days in school, i was eager and quick to tell anyone who cared to listen to me; of course... talk they say is cheap so i rattled away to my 'interviewers'. By the second half 'tori' begin change. I became the sole occupant paddling my canoe. The consciousness of the age and marriage syndrome had taken over the industrious spirit- "Why break your head about your future when you can hook on to an unsuspecting broda thereby securing your future?"

Nobody prays for one's husband to die, become physically maimed or decide to divorce you but. . . what if one of these happens- what next?

A sista who at least had something going before and after she got 'hooked' would have something to fall back on. Some ladies even take this deal to the extreme by staying idle even after years of marriage. I tell you- no matter how rich and wealthy your husband is,. . . at death his relatives ( in the villa) will ensure you get none of it- afterall you've been idling away on his money, now he's's their turn! If he divorces you it'll even hit you harder cos we're in a society where the payement of alimoney doesn't work.

This is my advice- stay away and keep as few friends as possible(if they have characters you can emulate) who seem to fall in the 'SINGLE-AMBITONED' category, have more of the gutsy,round-the-clock friends and DO NOT GET INVOLVED IN TOO MANY 'ASO-EBI's'- THEY TAG THE NUMBER OF CONJUGATIONS YOU'VE WITNESSED WHILE YOU REMAIN THE SINGLE ONE. Don't be tuned by the society or envy your colleagues or course-mates who are married cos all these people are only present at the ceremony; they wont be around when the excitement of early marriage had gone sour and you are home alone doing nothing while they have places of work to go everyday.

A word is enough for a sister. . .

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lagos, even though...

Even though price hike starts here when currency values are changed, we can still find low cost varieties of same goods while other states that picked up price still suffer the effects;

Even though you are @ the lowest strata, you can still afford low cost foods from the varieties of 'Mama Put'and 'Iya Basira';

Even though the streets are dirty & we curse, spit, breath less & hold our noses each time we pass the dump, it makes it easy for us to guitlessly fling ours on the way to work, afterall...ur quota wont make a difference to the heap!

Even though the touts and 'agbero's' could be wild in thier elements, they can put the town on stand-still once you pally wit them and they take a liking for you;

Even though underneathe is a gutter bubbling with algae and spirogyra, the petty trader still deems it a perfect spot for her tray of wares.

Even though there's a greenish-brown, tummy-wrenching puddle between you and the woman hailing fresh/tinned tomatoes and fish at obviously cheaper rates, you find a way around it to maximize this-once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity;

Even though you dare not buy/drink pure water at your VI/ Ikoyi or Lekki office, you go all out to gwt a combination of pure water and gala or 'kpof-kpof' at the bus parl and get down to business in the bus;

Even though you wonder how people can sit and eat freely at the road sides during the day having an umbrella and a weather beaten lace curtain wound around it for covering, you steal out in the covering of the night and partake of the communion;

Even though everything seems stale, TY Bello says it's green;

. . . Lagos. . .even though even though, it is still a wonderful place