Thursday, October 2, 2008

Lagos, even though...

Even though price hike starts here when currency values are changed, we can still find low cost varieties of same goods while other states that picked up price still suffer the effects;

Even though you are @ the lowest strata, you can still afford low cost foods from the varieties of 'Mama Put'and 'Iya Basira';

Even though the streets are dirty & we curse, spit, breath less & hold our noses each time we pass the dump, it makes it easy for us to guitlessly fling ours on the way to work, afterall...ur quota wont make a difference to the heap!

Even though the touts and 'agbero's' could be wild in thier elements, they can put the town on stand-still once you pally wit them and they take a liking for you;

Even though underneathe is a gutter bubbling with algae and spirogyra, the petty trader still deems it a perfect spot for her tray of wares.

Even though there's a greenish-brown, tummy-wrenching puddle between you and the woman hailing fresh/tinned tomatoes and fish at obviously cheaper rates, you find a way around it to maximize this-once-in-a-blue-moon opportunity;

Even though you dare not buy/drink pure water at your VI/ Ikoyi or Lekki office, you go all out to gwt a combination of pure water and gala or 'kpof-kpof' at the bus parl and get down to business in the bus;

Even though you wonder how people can sit and eat freely at the road sides during the day having an umbrella and a weather beaten lace curtain wound around it for covering, you steal out in the covering of the night and partake of the communion;

Even though everything seems stale, TY Bello says it's green;

. . . Lagos. . .even though even though, it is still a wonderful place

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