Wednesday, August 6, 2008

...Terry, i swear i still hear his voice...


The closest family friend we ever had. To us he was terrific, to strangers he was terror. An object of grudging admiration by neighbors Terry was a well-fed,muscle-toned, smooth-haired, hazel-eyed chap.This relationship started about 8 year ago.

"Yeeehhh!Nnena come and see"!

"What"?!Eyes almost taking the shape of the screen my twin sister kept bored a hole through the couch.

"Awwwgh...he's so cute. Chinyere!! Bring the remaining piece of chicken in the micro-wave!... Now"!

At the sound of 'chicken' my sis was already with the keys. And so the adult-knocked-senseless-by-a-cutie session continued while Terry backed away with each attempt to be carried by mindless acting adults.